Good afternoon. I am the mom of 2 daughters – one doesn’t have a boyfriend at 22, and the other has a new boyfriend so i don’t think there will be wedding plans for a while 🙂 But, I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love everything about your venue! I have always loved wedding photography, and through stalking some of the wedding photographers, I recently came across your venue. i have spent hours and hours examining the photographs, and reading all the information that is on your web site.i am obsessed!!! The pride and love which you have for Florence Farm shines through every word and every  photograph, and i can only imagine how blessed a bride must be to get married in such a unique place. Thank you tor having provided me with hours of joyful discovery, even if it was through cyber space!! I  pray that one day I may get to experience a wedding there for real!!!

kind regards

Hello Tannie Ane’

I have finally gotten to the point where I have time to sit and write to you to say thank you for the best day of my life!
I cannot even tell you how many times our guests have told us that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to and if it wasn’t for you, your team and the venue that wouldn’t be possible!
Tannie Ane’ thank you so so much for everything you did for us, nothing was too much effort or too difficult for you. Everything I asked for was given to me and you bent the rules for us when we asked for something a little different to what you usually do. 
Johnny and I looked at a couple of venues after viewing yours and nothing even came close to what Florence is, at Florence everything is top class, nothing is run down or needs work and that is so important on your big day. 
Thank you for cooking dinner for me and my family and inviting us into your home, I’m not sure if you realize it but just by doing that I already felt much calmer about everything that was about to happen, and that surprise dinner you brought for us on the verandah of the honeymoon suite on the Sunday night sealed off the best weekend of my life.
I look at my photos and I can’t stop smiling, thank you for your contribution to our day – I will always be greatfull for the part you played in our matrimony. 
Kind regards
Zanli Chrysostomou

More Anè,
Ons het darem nou almal herstel na die troue.
Ek wil net my waardering met jou deel. Dit was so ‘n groot voorreg en plesier om die troue by Florence te hou. Niks was te veel moeite vir julle personeel nie. Almal was so hulpvaardig en het dit so maklik gemaak om Stacey en Wesley se droom troue te realiser, en ‘n droom troue was dit voorwaar! Almal het dit terdeë geniet en was oorweldig deur die pragtige venue en kamers. Die “family style” bediening was iets anders en die gaste het dit geniet om nie vir kos in ‘n ry te staan nie.
Dra ons waardering aan julle personeel oor en in besonder aan Thembi. Sy is ‘n stêr.
Ons wens jou en Nico alle voorspoed toe met die nuwe “venue”
-Alet Bailie

Hi Ane,
We were guests at Nicole and Juan’s wedding last weekend. I must compliment you on the most amazing venue and superb food – my wife and I have never had such good food at a wedding. I usually refer to buffet food as “smash and grab” eating. The food usually looks way better than it tastes and is usually cold and unappetising. Your buffet was quite the opposite – the salads were outstanding and all the hot food was excellent.
This brings me to that Banting bread loaf you had with the snacks after the ceremony – it was really good and I was wondering if you would share the recipe with me? We have guests coming for a braai on the weekend and some of them are big into the Banting thing. I thought I could push the boat out and impress them with one of your breads!
Ian Harrison

What a stunning venue … Thank you to Nico & Ane & team for all the delicious meals. .. awesome decor … stunning people!
Brenda Archdeacon 

Brilliant and beautiful venue, awesome hosts and staff, you made our big day just so much more special !!!!!
Thank you
Stefan Du Toit 

Beste dag van ons lewens. Dankie dat tannie hulle dit moontlik gemaak het! Asemrowende venue en vrek oulike eienaars 😉
Ursula Malevris