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Contact Person Hester Bezuidenhout or David Rathbone ( Matotoland Eco-tourism)
Mobile Number: 081 7694994 / 082 824 3585
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Frog Nights

Time of year

Just after the first summer rains, you can hear frogs starting to call in the
wetlands all around us. Every year we host a frog festival, the first weekend in
December, when we go out to catch and identify the frogs. We have 13
species of frogs already identified in our lake district.
Read more about a Frogging Safari in Chrissiesmeer.

Frogs of Chrissiesmeer

 Plain stream frog / Gewone stroom padda / Strongylopus wageri  Painted Reed Frog / Gestreepte Rietpadda / Hyperolius marmoratus Common Platanna / Gewone platanna / Xenopus laevis
Tremolo Sand frog / Sandpadda / Tomoterna cryptotis Guttural toad / Gorrel skurwepadda / Amietophrynus gutturalis Bubbling Kassina / Borrelvleipadda / Kassina Senegalensis
Rattling frog / Ratelpadda / Semnodactylus wealii Common Caco / Blikslanertjie / Cacosternum boettgeri Common Riverfrog / Gewone Rivierpadda / Amietia Angolensis Natal Sandfrog / Natalse Sandpadda / Tomopterna natalensis
Clicking Streamfrog / Klik � langtoonpadda / Strongilopus Graii Striped grassfrog / Gestreepte graspadda / Ptychadena porosissima Cape Riverfrog / Kaapse rivierpadda / Amietia fuscigula Striped Stream frog / Gestreepte langtoonpadda / Strongilopus fasciatus