Die Klip Kapel / The Stone Chapel


There was always a need for a chapel at Florence. Cold and rain called for a venue under a new roof.

In the first year of the venue (2012) a very dear friend of mine told me about this gem. The old windows of a church that she knew of, were for sale. At that point in time money was still not easy, but I decided that this is a once off and I needed to get hold of them. I borrowed money and bought them.

For three years they were staring at me, until the time was right to build the chapel.

December 2014 we went to Germany for inspiration on building the chapel.

When we came back, after seeing so many magnificent buildings and churches, I asked Nico what he brought back form the trip, and he said that he really thinks it is worth while putting in extra detail and attention.

I was intrigued with the bells, in every small town we went to, every evening all the bells in the town were ringing. I came back and I wanted our chapel to have seven bells (the perfect number). The sound of bells invites an announcement. They remind you that the love of the Lord is everywhere, all around you even though you can’t see or touch it. We live our lives according to Acts17.22-28 and for us the bells were a sign.

I told everybody about the bells and one by one they arrived at Florence, big and small and we designed the chapel in such a way that the groom and his men will ring the bells to summon his bride.

In the forest and at the main entrance, we placed statues of children playing instruments to enhance the wonderful day and the joy to the world that the Lord has brought.

We started building in June 2015 and opened the chapel for the first wedding at the end of November 2015.

We bless each wedding that will be signed and sealed in this building.

The chapel can seat max 200 people.

Nico and Ané Steinberg


The Chapel can seat max 200 people.